Digital Strategy Creation

Working with your team we will help you craft a full-release strategy unique to your goals and your music, including digital service provider setup, network advertising, Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising, retargeting, and incorporation of smart URLs.


One hour one-on-one over the phone, Zoom, or Skype to discuss your music, online presence, and marketing.

Label Liason

We’ll review marketing plans and coordinate marketing efforts with record labels and distributors.

Tour Promotion

Are you looking for assistance with your tour promotion? Are you getting overwhelmed with staying in contact with every venue and promoter? We can manage all day-to-day aspects of promoting your tour and interfacing with venues, promoters, media, and agents. Implement a tour-related social media strategy for each show.

Client & Customer Relations

You benefit from having your clients & customers promote their use of your product. For decades we have managed client & customer relations, providing them with the assets they need to maximize the promotion of your business and products.

Content Strategy Creation

“What should I post? I have nothing to post!” Let us create a daily plan of content you can share with your fans. We’ll generate content themes for individual social media platforms to keep content fresh and lively.


Let us help you find your “story” and get the word out to the press — blogs, websites, magazines, and music tastemakers across all genres.

Fan Acquisition

We’ll create and execute a targeted acquisition strategy, geared toward getting new, REAL fans to notice and become engaged with you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Email Strategy

Direct email marketing is still one of the most effective means of reaching your customers. We can help create an email marketing strategy to launch an email list and an ongoing strategy for contacting your customers. 

Customer Acquisition

We’ll create and execute a targeted acquisition strategy, geared toward getting new, REAL customers to notice and become engaged with you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Online Management

We can manage all of your day-to-day social media ops. We’ll work directly with your team to keep you and your band active and engaged with 

Crowdfunding Strategy

By creating the rewards your fans desire, and building a strategy to market your crowdfunding campaign, we can help with all your crowdfunding needs.

Spotify Playlist Promotion

Need Spotify playlist promotion? We can submit your tracks to third-party playlist curators from many different genres. Playlist promotion is the NEW radio promotion.

Blog Strategy

A highly targeted blog is one of the best ways to generate organic search engine traffic. It also presents you as an authority in your field. We can work with you to create a blog strategy for original content.

Website Design

Building a complex or large website requires expertise.

When short on time, you can focus on other tasks while a web designer manages your site.

For a custom website, unlike website builder users with similar designs, a web designer can create a unique product.

If you lack technical or design skills, a web designer's expertise is invaluable.



Marketing and Promotion Packages

Basic Package - $500/month
- Social media management (2 platforms)
- Press release distribution
- Basic email marketing campaign

Standard Package - $1,200 month
- Social media management (3 platforms)
- Targeted advertising campaigns
- Content creation (graphics, videos)
- partnerships

Premium Package - Custom Pricing
- Comprehensive marketing strategy
- Tour promotion
- PR outreach to media outlets
- Fan engagement initiatives

- Customized services based on client needs

Add-On Services
- Event promotion: $300/event
- Album release campaign: $800 (one-time fee)
- Website design and optimization: Starting at $1,500

Note: Prices may vary based on each client's specific needs and requirements. 

Contact us for a customized quote.