Introducing Slop Cat Records: Where Groove Meets Soul
A New Beat, A New Vibe

In the heart of the music industry, where neon signs flicker and basslines reverberate through the streets, a fresh sound is emerging. Slop Cat Records, the brainchild of the visionary team behind Cowboy Rockstar Records, is here to redefine the rhythm.
The Genesis
Why “Slop Cat,” you ask? Well, imagine a feline prowling the back alleys of New Orleans, its fur matted with the essence of jazz, funk, and soul. That’s our Slop Cat—a musical maverick, unafraid to dive into the raw, the unpolished, and the downright groovy.
Our Soundwaves
At Slop Cat, we’re all about authenticity. Our artists aren’t afraid to get their paws dirty. We’ve got the Hip Hop poets, spitting fire over beats that pulse like city streets at midnight.
Our Soul crooners pour their hearts out, channeling the ghosts of Motown legends, and when the Funkadelic groove hits, you’ll find yourself dancing like nobody’s watching.
Same Values, Different Beat
Don’t think for a second that Slop Cat strays far from its roots. We share the same rebel spirit as Cowboy Rockstar Records. Our mission? To create music that transcends genres, breaks barriers, and makes your heart skip a beat.
Slop Cat Records invites you to join the groove. Follow us on social media and let the rhythm take you places you never knew existed.Remember, it’s not about being polished—it’s about being real. Welcome to Slop Cat Records, where the beat is raw, the melodies are soulful, and the groove is eternal.